Dress my Nursery


Dress my Nursery

Decorating a nursery (the baby’s bedroom) doesn’t need to be costly, difficult or picture-perfect. While there are many decisions to make, they’re all very manageable and simple. This is a time of life when you’re about to welcome a new and wonderful life into the house and it is important to view creating the nursery as a fun creative process that is totally yours to control rather than imposing any harsh expectations on yourself.

We at Button-Bunny are all about giving you the option of decorating your nursery according to one of our 83 different themes. Some themes include decor and linen, others just one or the other.

Give yourself time and freedom. If it’s possible, try to plan well before the birth. This luxury isn’t open to every new parent but if you do have time, starting early can ease your concerns about having too much to do. In terms of freedom, realize that there is no one right way to design a nursery other than ensuring that it is safe, warm and healthy.

Decorative elements are completely up to you and you can have as much or as little in the nursery as you wish.
While it’s fun to create a dreamboard nursery, be realistic. Time, financial and space constraints will end up dictating a lot of what you’re able to do in the end; use ideas you have collected for the internet as general inspiration rather than absolute must-haves.

Here is a list of all the items you might like to include in the decorating of your nursery that can be found in our online store. Select the items and we’ll mail your list to you.  This you can keep handy while shopping.

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