Gender Prediction


Gender Prediction

Boy or Girl ?

With recent technological advancements it’s not that difficult to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl these days. Your sonographer should be able to tell you with some certainty (although not 100%) at from about your 16 week scan, assuming your baby is lying in a viewable position. 

In years gone by couples had to rely on old wives’ tales to try to guess what sex their baby was. Of course, there is always a 50% chance of getting it right, but these ‘ways to tell’ have been passed down through generations.

There is without a doubt not a friend, family member (or complete stranger) who has not told you what you’re having, and how they know. You’ve probably already heard them all, especially if you’ve decided not to find out your baby’s sex before the birth.

These  aren’t scientific predictions, so they probably won’t be accurate – but could provide some fun, and,  “who knows”

At the bottom of this page is a “poll” – please let us know which, if any, of these correctly predicted the gender of you baby/children.



Leg Hair If you notice acceleration in the growth of hair on your legs then it is said that you are carrying a boy.

Belly Button If the navel starts to protrude when you are pregnant then your unborn child is male; if your belly button stays the same then you are carrying a girl.

Linea Nigra: The dark line that runs up from the pubic bone to the navel during pregnancy is called linea nigra. When this line goes far past the navel and reaches the rib cage, the baby is a boy; when the line stops at the belly button, it is a baby girl.







Find the number which meets Mom and Dad's birth month, then select the number you got in the above picture with the month that you conceived to find out if you're having a girl or a boy.



This approach is provided by a Japanese senior midwife, the accuracy of this method is said to be as high as 98%.  Sum up the Chinese lunar month in which the mother conceived,  the mother’s Chinese lunar age at the time she conceived, and the father’s Chinese lunar age at the time his wife conceived, and then divide it by 3. If there is no remainder or if  the remainder is 2, then she is having a girl. If the remainder is 1, she is having a boy

Mother’s birth date :  12/5/72
Father’s birth date : 3/30/66
Mother conceived date : 12/10/14
Use the lunar month and age calculator, you will get
Mother’s lunar age : 43 
Father’s lunar age : 49 
Lunar month of conception : 9 (43+49+9)/3  = 33, with a remainder: 2 It's a Girl ! 


The Ring test can be considered as the other popular method of gender prediction. It is an accurate type of an old wives tale. This baby gender prediction method is also very simple. The expectant mother will have to hold the ring over her left palm in a steady way.


Once the ring stops wobbling, it will start moving in a cycle or in a swing. If the ring moves in a cycle, it will be a girl and if the ring starts swinging, it will be a boy. Some parents say that this method becomes a success. It can even predict miscarriages as well. If it pauses between each one and stop when finished, the reason will be a miscarriage. This method does not need more expensive equipment and an expectant couple can predict the gender within few seconds. However, people always have to remember that all these methods do not give 100% correct predictions at every time.


Mug Test Ask the expectant mother to pick up a cup or mug. If she uses the handle to pick up the mug then she will have a boy; if she grasps the body of the mug then she will have a girl.

Palms Up or Down Get someone to ask a pregnant woman to show her hands. If she shows her hands with the palms down, she is having a boy. If her palms up, it is a girl.

Key Test For this test to work, the pregnant woman needs to be unaware that the test is being carried out. Simply hand a key to the mother to be and watch how she grabs it. If she grabs the round part first then she is carrying a boy; when she grabs the narrow part first she will give birth to a girl.




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